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Prettau® Bridge

Our Mission Is Simple:
Success for Your Practice with Zirkonzahn's Prettau® Implant Bridge!

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The only proven and tested world-wide company for full arch zirconia!

A Prettau® dental implant supported bridge.Only at Tischler Dental Laboratory:

You are looking at Full Contour Zirconia. No porcelain to chip on the facial surface of these teeth - it won't  chip. Really! That's what we do and we do it well!

A woman with a Prettau Dental BridgeThe Prettau® Bridge Is our ONLY product!

Prettau Is Our Passion™

Having Prettau® as our ONLY product has made us the leading Prettau® Bridge lab in the US! No one else has our clinical and laboratory experience and offers the educational programs and marketing programs we offer  Dr Tischler's dental practice is an incubator environment for your success with this ideal prosthetic option. No other lab can offer this translation between surgical snd prosthetic success to  your practice. Learn from us, as we offer our success through educational courses, DVD's, and personal customer service. Your success is our success!The Prettau® Implant Bridge. With Prettau®, your lab costs are less than a Hybrid Bridge, PFM Screw Retained Bridge, or Bar Overdenture. Let us help your practice.

Are You Still Providing Acrylic Hybrid Bridges or Overdentures?

No other zirconia bridge system has the time proven success of the Prettau® Bridge from Zirkonzahn. Newer copy-cat zirconia bridge systems are just an experiment with your patients. The Zirkonzahn system is the ONLY system with a published 5 year study in JOMI showing 100% success of the prosthetics and implants. No other zirconia system worldwide, other than Zirkonzahn's Prettau®, has a 5 year proven record. Don't experiment on your patients with unproven zirconia bridge systems. This is full arch reconstruction and there can't be any compromises. You owe it to your patients.  Go with what works, go with Prettau®!

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"I have never seen a better implant prosthetic solution to replace missing teeth than the Prettau® Bridge."
                     - Michael Tischler, DDS

"If you look at every fixed implant supported prosthetic option available, the Prettau® Bridge offers the best choice.
Esthetics, retrievability, and longevity."
                               - Scott Ganz, DMD

Compare a Prettau® Bridge to a Cement Retained Implant Bridge...

The Prettau® Implant Bridge versus a PFM Cement Retained Implant BridgeIt's obvious that compared to a hybrid bridge or an overdenture there is no comparison. Dr. Tischler was a proponent for many years on PFM cement retained prosthetics. Now he doesn't see a PFM cement retained implant bridge as an advantage for full arch tooth replacement when compared to the Prettau® Implant Bridge.

The Prettau® Bridge has many advantages when we are talking about full arch replacement:

  1. It’s Truly Retrievable- A PFM cement retained bridge is much more difficult to retrieve if needed.
  2. No Chipping- Prettau® zirconia will not chip. Porcelain is much more susceptible to chipping and difficult to repair. You are relying on a metal to ceramic interface.
  3. Better implant stabilization-Prettau® zirconia stabilizes implant better than any material because of it’s higher modulus of elasticity
  4. No casting errors or soldering joints- Prettau® is CAD CAM milled.
  5. Less laboratory costs- No custom abutment fee, no metal costs, and one inclusive lab fee without surprises.
  6. Impressive esthetics - Some say better than PFM but no chipping chances.

It's Easy to Convert to a Prettau® Bridge

Finally you can offer your patients what they deserve! A prosthesis without acrylic, that's not removable and with no chipping or staining and our low cost inclusive lab fee will amaze you! Rethink your alternative prosthetic options for your patients!

Bar overdenture? Hybrid bridge? The Prettau® Implant Bridge replaces these with a much better and cost effective solution for your patients! It is so easy to convert your patients existing Bar Overdenture or Hybrid Bridge to a Prettau® Bridge. (12mm is needed of prosthesis height.) Learn more about how to convert from a hybrid bridge or bar overdenture.

Prettau® Is Our Passion

We are the leading Prettau® Bridge Laboratory in America!

Tischler Dental Laboratory has created a proprietary glazing/finishing technique to obtain ideal full contour zirconia esthetics! “Everything you thought you knew about zirconia is now different! Prettau® zirconia is the new PFM, but only better.”

Dr. Tischler's dental practice, with it's many Prettau® cases, has been an incubator for our laboratory's success. You are looking at all zirconia teeth, with no porcelain on the facial tooth surface. Yes - no porcelain, just solid Prettau® zirconia. This is different than every other zirconia implant bridge.

Here are some video testimonials of Tischler Dental Patients that have had the Prettau® Bridge, with work done by Tischler Dental Laboratory:

"The age of acrylic for a permanent implant prosthesis is officially over."

- Keith Friefeld, DDS, FAGD
Coral Springs, FL

Why Would You Offer Your Patients an Acrylic Option?

You are looking at the Prettau® Zirconia Bridge that will not chip, stain, or break. Nothing compares to it. It may look to good to be true, but it is the best kept secret in dentistry. It is strong and gorgeous. We offer a 5 year warranty! The teeth and entire structure is created out of specific Prettau® zirconia. NO Acrylic! No stock tooth molds as with hybrid bridges, there's no metal bar substructures. Just gorgeous customized esthetics, created and designed at Tischler Dental Laboratory. Realize the teeth you are seeing are solid Prettau® zirconia and add to the strength of the structure. No other prosthesis can claim this.

All zirconia is not alike. Prettau® zirconia is incredible in every way! Strength, esthetics and optimal wear on opposing teeth. The company that manufactures the Prettau® zirconia is Zirkonzahn. Zirkonzahn is presently, the only company in the world that has committed to an entire system and protocol to create a zirconia full arch solution for missing teeth. This includes a milling machine, scanner, sintering ovens, stains, and specific porcelains for the gingival areas. There isn’t a company that can compare. Welcome to the future of tooth replacement with dental implants. Read below!

5 Year Warranty on the Prettau® Bridge

From Breakage or Chipping - That's How Confident We Are with This Product!

This is a unique zirconia and process. This is different in strength from the "Pressed" zirconia bridges that have been available. This protocol is a proven long term solution. We are the number one Prettau® Lab in the USA! Zirkonzahn's equipment, training and materials is the reason for our success. Our pricing and personal service are other reasons.

The esthetics of the Prettau® bridge rival a PFM bridge and can't be compared to an acrylic hybrid bridge. The main difference is that it will not chip. Acrylic hybrid bridges could not only chip and fracture but will wear over time. The Prettau® Bridge wears the opposing teeth less than porcelain according to published studies. There is nothing else available in the dental field that can compare. With the price being lower than all the alternatives, there is no reason to offer your patients anything else.

The Answer for Tooth Replacement on Every Level

This Prettau® Bridge is in a different league than a hybrid acrylic bridge or PFM screw retained bridge. The entire paradigm has changed. The worries in the past of teeth debonding (like the image to the left), or fracturing around the screw holes is gone. So is staining, and esthetically displeasing screw holes. The prosthetic space is versatile as opposed to a hybrid bridge where the metal substructure has to be accounted for with regards to space and is susceptible to bonding problems. With the Prettau® Bridge, the entire structure is ONE. The teeth and gingiva are made out of MILLED zirconia. This is not pressed zirconia. Strong, Beautiful and available at Tischler Dental Laboratory. Dr Tischler has brought it to his laboratory because he has seen the problems with other screw retained alternatives and is proud to be the leading Prettau® laboratory in the USA!

The Prettau® Bridge Ends These Problems

Your Patients Deserve This!

We design the prosthesis so that it is cleansable at the gingival interface (example to the right). Not a food trap like most hybrids of the past.

Cleansable underneath, tissue loves zirconia! Plaque attraction isn't found as with acrylic. The titanium interfaces are long and very retentive within the zirconia. This is superior in every way to a PFM and Acrylic hybrid bridge. It is a game changer in dental prosthetics.

Studies also show that polished Prettau® zirconia wears opposing teeth less than porcelain. Go here for an article showing the wear to opposing teeth.

The Future of Implant Dentistry

You are looking at the future of implant dentistry available at Tischler Dental Laboratory. There is no acrylic, and it does not have a metal supporting sub-structure. This is made of Prettau® Zirconia with optionally some porcelain layered in the non functional esthetic areas, and a titanium interface. No chipping, totally customized shapes and shades, less plaque attraction, better hygiene. No compromises. Tischler Dental Laboratory your Zirkonzahn Partner Laboratory. Zirkonzahn's proven proprietary design process, PMMA temporary, zirconia, stains, glaze and more, make this a unique product with no other company coming even close.

Additionally, a major benefit of the Prettau® Bridge is that less prosthetic space is required leaving many options with relationship to vertical space. There is no metal bar inside the prosthesis and the tooth structure itself adds strength to the prosthesis unlike a hybrid bridge. A hybrid bridge needs additional prosthetic space so the acrylic doesn't break. This is one of 11 major differences between a zirconia bridge in general and a hybrid bridge with regards to meeting a prosthetic solutions comparison. Zirconia is just so different from acrylic in every way.

The Steps to Create a Prettau® Bridge

The prosthetic steps to create the Prettau® bridge entails standard implant prosthetic steps taught in text books. The clinician can utilize their normal implant impression techniques. Our lab can answer any questions you may have also.

The Zirkonzahn Prettau® Dental Protocol for dental implant systems is unique, time tested and simple. It is based on the clinician trying in a PMMA(acrylic) temporary prosthesis. A PMMA screw retained temporary designed from a scan of an impression of the patients denture or arch is Zirkonzahns dental protocol and drives the entire case prosthetically. Zirkonzahn's Prettau® zirconia is then stained with specific Prettau® stains prior to sintering in the Zirconzahn sintering oven. The final Prettau® bridge is CAD CAM milled in the M5 milling machine based on the prosthetic parameters of the PMMA that you approve and take an impression of. This is a unique dental implant systems protocol specific to Zirkonzah Prettau® implant bridge.. Digitally designed and milled. Call us for more details.

The Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge revolutionizes dental prosthetics. This CAD CAM milled and designed screw retained dental implant bridge is created out of Zirkonzahn’s Prettau® Zirconia, No acrylic, no chipping, no staining.

“We are very excited to provide the Prettau® Bridge," says Dr. Tischler. "Previous screw retained acrylic hybrid prosthetics, often chipped , wore down, and stained over time. The Prettau® is as permanent as it gets because of the solid Prettau® Zirconia it is made of.”

The Prettau® all inclusive laboratory fee includes a provisional denture or laboratory processed fixed provisional.

An impression is taken of the denture or fixed provisional and then a scan is done in Zirconzahn’s laser optical scanner. From there a radiopaque verification jig PMMA acrylic screw retained provisional is created after uncovery that allows the dentist to verify the impression and verify the prosthetic parameters of the case. Once the PMMA is approved, that is now used to create the final Prettau® zirconia restoration. This is a true prosthetically based CAD CAM workflow.

The process of creating the final Prettau® Implant bridge is a multi stage process that involves specific sintering protocols, with proprietary Zirkonzahn stains used prior to sintering. These stains allow gorgeous esthetics and translucency of the zirconia that rivals porcelain. At times special Zirkinzahn porcelain is placed on the esthetic areas out of any occlusal areas. The final bridge is connected to the implants via titanium interfaces that are specially bonded to the Prettau® zirconia.

Because of the incredible strength of zirconia, fracturing near the screw holes is not a problem like with acrylic or porcelain in the past. Also because of the light color of zirconia, covering the screw holes with composite, doesn’t leave that dark look like with metal based hybrid bridges.

Bring Success to Your Practice with Prettau® Implant Bridge

Overall the Prettau® bridge offers the best of everything from the design process, the esthetics, and the long lasting chip free wear.

This is available now with all inclusive pricing with a 5 year warranty at Tischler Dental Laboratory in Woodstock, NY under the direction of Michael Tischler, DDS. Contact us today to learn more.

"If you look at every fixed implant supported prosthetic option available, the Prettau® Bridge offers the best choice." - Scott D. Ganz, DMD

"I have never seen a better implant prosthetic solution to replace missing teeth than the Prettau® Bridge." - Michael Tischler, DDS

"The age of acrylic for a permanent implant prosthesis is officially over."
- Keith Friefeld, DDS, FAGD

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