Prettau® Bridge Dental Exams and the Associated Technologies

Prettau® Bridge Dental Exams

Jul 21, 2015 — by Michael Tischler
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Man and woman in an embrace, their smiles bright and healthy after the placement of Prettau® BridgesFor patients to enjoy the full range of Prettau® Bridge benefits, implant providers must be able to plan treatment according to the most meticulous standards. During Prettau® Bridge dental exams, conventional prosthetic protocols should be employed in combination with diagnosis and treatment planning using cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT, technology, in addition to other advanced technologies that will aid in the overall success of the treatment.

Why is CBCT technology essential to proper treatment planning?

This technology is essential to proper treatment planning because it provides detailed information regarding:

  • Tooth position with relation to the underlying bone
  • The extent to which alveoloplasty was done prior to the fitting of conventional dentures
  • The amount of alveoloplasty necessary to facilitating implant placement
  • The density of the jawbone, the amount of bone loss that has taken place, and whether there is a need for bone grafting
  • The ideal placement position and angulation of the implants
  • The ideal implant length and width
  • The location of maxillary sinuses, mental foramens, mandibular canals, incisive canals, and other anatomical structures
  • Whether there is a need for a sinus lift prior to implant placement

Bear in mind that CBCT technology offers a multitude of benefits beyond its applications in Prettau® Bridge dental exams. This technology can also be used in planning orthodontic treatment, TMJ treatment, and complex oral and maxillofacial surgery. High-quality, three-dimensional scans can be completed in mere seconds.

Treatment Planning Software

At Tischler Dental Laboratory, we use CBCT scans in conjunction with sophisticated, interactive treatment planning software, namely Treatment Studio, produced by Imaging Sciences International. This software helps us to organize the data collected through the CBCT scans into an optimal treatment plan, including the number of implants needed to secure the Prettau® Bridge and the ideal placement sites for those implants.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic x-rays further assist in the treatment planning stage of implant dentistry. At Tischler Dental, the dental practice at which we provide the Prettau® Implant Bridge to patients, we offer free panoramic x-rays as part of the initial Prettau® consultation process. These x-rays are important diagnostic tools that should be considered part of the first stage of the treatment planning process.

A panoramic x-ray will give you an indication as to whether a prospective dental implant candidate will have issues with his or her implants affecting the mandibular nerve, as well as any sinus problems the patient may have. Like CBCT technology, panoramic x-ray technology also offers a variety of applications beyond the Prettau® Bridge dental exam, including basic oral exams, the evaluation of jawbone fractures, and the planning of orthodontic treatment.

Learn More about the Technologies Used in Prettau® Bridge Dental Exams

At Tischler Dental Laboratories, we are devoted to helping your practice provide your patients with the highest-quality zirconia restorations possible. We measure our success by your success. If you would like to learn more about CBCT technology, panoramic x-ray technology, implant treatment planning software, or any of the other technologies used during Prettau® Bridge dental exams, please contact Tischler Dental Laboratory today.

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