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Partnering with Tischler Dental Lab is an easy way to make your practice stand out in your market.  We offer you every solution for your practice with Prettau Zirconia products. From an entire implant supported arch to crowns, bridges and inlys for teeth. We are the Prettau experts. From our educational materials to comprehensive support and assistance marketing the Prettau® Bridge, we make it simple to offer this advanced restorative option to your patients.

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Prettau® Bridge DVD

You ccan become a Prettau® Bridge provider, and our instructional DVD gives you a thorough introduction to this landmark restorative solution. The Prettau® Bridge DVD is included in the complimentary materials provided during our in-office lab course. Meanwhile, for those who are unable to attend the course, this DVD offers a valuable opportunity to learn the benefits of Prettau® from Dr. Michael Tischler. Purchase your copy of our DVD to begin gaining the competitive edge that will set your practice apart. 

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Prettau® Bridge Course

Come learn about the Prettau® Bridge at our state-of-the-art facility in beautiful Woodstock, New York. Our course offers a comprehensive introduction to offering the Prettau® Bridge at your practice. This two-day continuing education opportunity fills up fast, so we encourage you to check the date of the next event today and sign up as soon as possible. In addition to a complimentary DVD, the course includes 10 ADA CERP credits and $500 off your first case with us. 

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Staff Educational Course

Our staff education course is presented concurrently to the doctor course. We understand that your dedicated staff is integral to the success of your practice, and including them in Prettau® Bridge education is an important part of the learning process. During the course, we will discuss important items like Prettau® patient financing and appointment scheduling. 

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Prettau® Bridge Marketing

In today's competitive market, the importance of advertising cannot be understated. We can help manage and guide all aspects of your Prettau® Bridge marketing efforts. From help coordinating and filming television commercials, to assistance buying and placing advertisements online and in print, trust our expertise to promote your practice.

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Prettau® Demonstration Models

A satisfied patient begins as an informed customer. In-office demonstration models are a priceless educational tool. Patients who are able to see and feel these models can better understand the quality of the Prettau® Bridge, its incredibly lifelike appearance, and the premium materials used to create it.

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CT Scan Client Planning Protocol

Dr. Tischler is committed to the success of your practice, and can help you implement computed tomography (CT) scans into the planning stages of the Prettau® Bridge treatments you provide. We can recommend a trusted imaging service for the creation of your scans, and afterwards you can discuss the final reports over the phone with Dr. Tischler. CT scans are also invaluable in helping patients understand their treatment, as well as value of the Prettau® Bridge.

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When it comes to creating and delivering the Prettau® Bridge, our shipping methods are quick, easy, and affordable. Simply put, we pay to ship the Prettau® Bridge to you, and you pay to ship back to us. Using our shipping method, you can send detailed impressions, scans, or molds to our lab, and we will send provisional and finalized restorations back to you.

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