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This is a 10 minute sample from our 6 hour 2 disc DVD set. Learn from Michael Tischler, DDS Scott Ganz, DMD and Claudia Patch DMD how to succeed with The Prettau® Bridge in your practice.


Dr Tischler's perspective on hybrid bridges compared to The Prettau® Bridge

The Prettau® Bridge DVD is a comprehensive presentation of Dr. Tischler and Dr. Patch's  success with the Prettau® Bridge. Other than taking their in-office course this is the next best learning opportunity for Prettau®. Dr. Ganz's chapter on the digital future of Prettau® is a must see. The multiple chapters allow for a great selectable resource.

Jay Ajmo, DDS Palm Beach Gardens, Fla

"I watched Dr. Tischler's Prettau® Bridge DVD and found it EXTREMELY informative for myself and I believe anyone who is interested in expanding their practice; they  would immensely  benefit from the DVD set. Michael's enthusiasm and passion is quite evident.  6 hours of edited lecture from the beginning to the end. Well, well worth your time, 2nd best to actually attending his in lab course. I LOVED IT. Thank you for your honesty and your passion in helping the field of implant dentistry." 

Omid Fard DDS   Oakley, Ca.

"Dr. Tischler's Prettau® Zirconia DVD covers all the necessary steps needed to provide your patients with an alternative prosthetic result that is not only stronger then acrylic, but more esthetic as well. The age of acrylic for a permanent implant prosthesis is officially over"

Keith Friefeld, DDS, FAGD, Coral Springs, FL

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An advertisement for the Prettau® Zirconia bridge.

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An advertisement for the Prettau® Zirconia bridge.

An advertisement for the Prettau® Zirconia bridge.

An advertisement for the Prettau® Zirconia bridge.

Learn from the experts. Dr. Tischler, Dr Ganz and Dr. Patch have put together this 2 disk 6 hour high quality DVD broken up into chapters. Every topic of treatment planning, the surgical steps, and prosthetic steps are included in this presentation.

Doctor’s Tischler, Ganz and Patch share the success with the Prettau® Bridge they have had in their practice at TischleDental and Tischler Dental Laboratory. This is for both the surgical doctor and prosthetic doctor.

If you want to bring full arch implant reconstruction into your practice with the ideal prosthetic solution, then you must watch this presentation. It is a true resource for your practice. The price of the DVD is put towards your first case with Tischler Dental Laboratory. Through following these proven techniques, you will create the Prettau® Bridge in a proven and efficient manner.

This DVD can be an adjunct to our live in-office course or somewhat of a substitute. Our live course offers much interactive learning and demonstration though.

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