Converting Overdentures to Prettau® Bridges

Overdenture Bridge Conversion

A photo showing the converstion of overdentures and hybrid dentures that can be made into Prettau® bridges.

Aren't you tired of repairing cases like this?

You can convert your patients existing acrylic bar overdenture or hybrid bridge to Prettau® in a few easy steps. Through duplicating their existing prosthesis with a PVS impression, we can mill a Prettau® version. Your patient can wear their existing prosthesis during the process. It is a great service for them.

Just send us the duplicate prosthesis and verified models. If you don't have models then a new impression will have to be taken. From there we will give you a new temp PMMA screw retained prosthesis for verification. It's that easy.

How to duplicate an existing prosthesis
Existing hybrid bridge to Prettau® Putty[...] 
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