Learn More About the Stages of Prettau® Bridge Placement 

This is a summary of the basic prosthetic steps to create the Prettau® Implant Bridge. This is what we all learned in dental school and is in every dental textbook, but is summed up here as a reminder.

Dental patient with wax up model

Deliver immediate denture and during implant healing verify and make adjustments to wax duplicate of immediate denture to verify VDO and set up. This wax duplicate will then be used to create the PMMA screw retained provisional.

Embedded dental implant posts

Remove healing caps. Try not to have the implants more than 3mm below tissue.

Dental implant placement

Place open tray impression copings

Dental implant placement

Connect impression copings with floss

Dental implant placement

Connect over floss with dual cure flowable composite

Dental implant placement

Section each joint then re place flowable to allow for shrinkage

Miratray implant marketing materials

Dental impression trays

Dental implant placement

Take impression with Hager Mira Tray

Dental impression

Place analogs in impression

Dental impression

Dental implant placement

Try in verification jig supplied by TDL

X-ray of dental implants

Verify with Pan and feel for passivity. Place one screw and make sure it doesn’t rock.

Dental patient wearing wax up

Adjust wax set up duplicate and approve. This can occur during implant healing. Take photos of this.

Dental impression

Take index inside wax setup to capture implants. Inject into implants and denture

Dental was up

Try in PMMA temporary designed by TDL from approved wax up

Patient wearing implant-supported prosthetic

Deliver final Prettau® Bridge

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