Dental Implants

Dental Implants


If you are missing teeth, dental implants are the best option for tooth replacement. Over the years, Dr. Tischler has rehabilitated many patients traveling from across the United States. Over and over again patients have communicated how easy and painless the process is and how their lives have changed for the better. Not having to wear a denture is the main reasons our patients love their dental implants. For more information visit

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DR. MICHAEL TISCHLER: A large part of my practice is based on replacing missing teeth with dental implants. And I say that because I have geared myself to perform dental implant surgery and tooth replacement with dental implants including what is called the prosthetic end of it where I actually surgically place an implant and restore the tooth in my practice. And the reason I feel so strong about that is because so many people are missing teeth. And if you look at our literature, about 10% of adults in this country, according to the NIH, are missing all of their teeth. When a person is missing all of their teeth, or even a few teeth, there is a ramification systemically and psychologically that are quite detrimental. And a dental implant is the ideal way, any way you cut it, to replace a missing tooth. If you compare wearing a denture, which is basically the prosthesis that fits into your mouth and stays in with suction; and if you are missing all of your teeth, that is one alternative to replace those teeth. A much better alternative would be to place dental implants that would support either a bridge that stays in your mouth permanently or a removal denture that is supported by the implants. And there are many, many advantages to that that include better aesthetics, increased chewing, bone stability. So here in my office we actually have a dental implant center at Tischler Dental that is equipped with two surgical suites. We have a CAT Scan machine, one of the only in-office CAT Scan machines in the Hudson Valley. And what this does, it allows us to actually look from a three-dimensional standpoint as to where the bone is and be able to actually place dental implants on the interactive program to plan correctly how the end result is going to be. When we perform dental implant surgery in the practice, we utilize a full aseptic [phonetic] protocol. The room is draped. My assistant is draped. We also utilize sedation a lot of times because a lot of people are fearful of having dental implants, when in reality placing dental implants is not painful. And it is actually less traumatic than having a filling because there are no sensory nerves in the bone that are really going to cause pain. But we like our patients to be relaxed. And if you go to the website you can see how I have ascertained credentials that I feel really allow me to be able to perform implant restorations and surgery in a way that is the most ideal way possible. For instance, the American Board of Oral Implantology is one organization that I am a member of and a diplomat of. And that process of becoming a diplomat was quite rigorous and involved; many days of testing and offering reports to my peers. And that, in conjunction with the many other organizations I am a member of and credentialed by really offer me an advantage, I feel, as far as experience and just being up in the field of implant dentistry. So it’s some thing that it really is close to my heart because when I can replace a person’s missing teeth with dental implants, and you can see that patient look at you and they have tears in their eyes because they don’t have to wear a denture, or they don’t have to have a bridge where the teeth on either side of the missing tooth is destroyed. They get quite emotional. And the more I see that over the years—and I have been practicing dentistry now for 18 years—it’s the most rewarding thing I have seen in dentistry. And it is life changing for me and for my patient.

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