Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry


Over 50 years, Dr. Michael Tischler, cosmetic dentist of Tischler Dental in New York believes in the philosophy of treating the "whole person" – that is, seeing your dental well being in the context of your overall health. Here Dr. Tischler discusses how he entered the field of holistic dentistry and how subtle, non-invasive adjustments to a patient’s teeth can alleviate chronic body pain. To learn more about Holistic Dentistry, visit www.tischlerdental.com.

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DR. MAURICE TISCHLER: I started treating people in 1955 at the NYU College of Dentistry. And I taught dentistry at NYU, and I became an assistant professor. And I love teaching, and I love dentistry. So I am practicing over 50 years now. And what have I learned? I would say that there are many ways to do things. There is not just one way. I practiced for maybe 20 years very traditionally. And then I got into natural medicine, which I really feel has changed my life. So what I have been taught to do is to look for where the source of the problem is coming from, and then it can be treated in many different ways; energetically, it can be treated with homeopathic medicine which deals with vibrations. It deals with frequencies. And it is almost like you change a computer chip, and you change the whole experience of your computer. And with a homeopathic remedy, you put a frequency in, and it changes how the body works. I use a lot of what is called applied kinesiology, which is a way of communicating with a person’s subconscious because the subconscious knows everything. And if you could communicate with it, you could ask it questions that you can’t get from the conscious mind. In Chinese medicine, we are taught that every tooth is related to a muscle and an organ. And sometimes a pain in the tooth has nothing to do with the tooth; it’s only a message that is coming through that there is a problem in some other part of the body. And sometimes if you correct where the problem is, then the toothache goes away. What we have here is very interesting because we are a combination of traditional and alternative approaches. So a person can come here and get the finest traditional treatment that can be done anywhere, and at the same time look into which materials are right for them and what sequences the person should be treated in. I would say nothing—after all of these years of practice, nothing feels better than just helping somebody.

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