In order to make your visit to the dentist as pain free and pleasant as possible at Tischler Dental we offer sedation to our patients. Michael Tischler, DDS is certified to deliver conscious sedation, making the dental experience a lot more relaxing. The atmosphere and décor in the office further enhances this soothing and calming aura. Whether you are seeking a dentist for general, implant or cosmetic dentistry procedures, Tischler Dental in New York will make your experience a pleasant one.

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DR. MICHAEL TISCHLER: It is not a secret that many people are afraid of going to the dentist. In fact, according to studies it’s one of the things that people fear most in this country and probably the world. What I have done to help people with that issue is to be certified by New York State to deliver oral and parenteral sedation with Valium and Versed, to be able to—it is conscious sedation. So you are not put out. It is not general anesthesia. You are conscious, but you are very, very relaxed. Oftentimes, we also utilize Halcion, which is a pill, and nitrous oxide. So we have varying ways to relax you. The other thing we do is have built into the whole philosophy of our facility is to have large windows looking into nature. Waterfalls outside when you walk in. We try to make it not look like a dental office here so that you will get used to the dentist.

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