Tischler Dental Patient Testimonials

Tischler Dental Patient Testimonials


Patients describe their experience with Dr. Michael Tischler and the staff at Tischler Dental. Patient care and satisfaction is of the utmost importance and Tischler Dental takes great pride in meeting and exceeding the goals and expectations the patients have. For more information on general, implant and cosmetic dentistry services by Tischler Dental in Woodstock please visit www.tischlerdental.com.

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FEMALE VOICE: On the internet I found Dr. Tischler’s office. I was very pleased to see a local dentist in the Woodstock area who actually performed the procedures that I needed to have done. They took a horrible smile and turned it into a beautiful smile. I cannot go anywhere without someone asking me, who did your teeth? What did you have done to your teeth? And, of course, I always say Dr. Tischler in Woodstock, and they are da Vinci veneers. MALE VOICE: Well, I think the thing is that I am a Brit. And Brits are notorious for having terrible teeth. And so I was persuaded by Michael that he would get me a Hollywood smile. And it feels very strange, but it’s worth it. When I think about coming to Tischler Dental, it’s that they are kind of nice, and you have got friendly faces behind the counter. And all the girls might say, you have got a good smile. And they are encouraging. And they are very professional, too. So it is not an unpleasant experience coming here, and. FEMALE VOICE: I came to Tischler Dental because my daughter said to me, go to a real dentist. Go to Michael Tischler; he’ll know what to do about your teeth. So when I came to Michael I asked him, what am I going to do? And he said we have to redo your teeth. So it has been a year, and I am totally thrilled with the whole experience. It’s really been wonderful. I have always felt that they cared about what was going on, that Michael was a perfectionist. And I am totally pleased with the whole results. MALE VOICE: I have been coming to Tischler dental for almost 25 years now. I originally came out of New Jersey. The recommendation was that Tischler Dental was the best in the area, and I believe everything that I was told. I am very happy. They make you feel very comfortable. One of the things that I am certainly impressed by is that they keep up with the state of the art. Michael not only keeps up with it, but he pushes the technology forefront. And anything that is new in dentistry, Michael is going to give to his patients and make sure that they get the best possible dental care that can be provided. FEMALE VOICE: I have seen Michael Tischler’s ads and called his office and came in. And it is really one of the best decisions I ever made. I can’t say how pleased I have been with the experience. He is brilliant. He is very nice, put me at ease right away. I just always know that I am in good hands and that, you know, good results are always ensured, and that I really get more than I could ever ask for, for my money. I look forward to it. It is the only dentist I really look forward to coming to the dentist. MALE VOICE: I was recommended to Tischler Dental through my previous dentist. And I am very happy with everything he did. I would recommend Tischler Dental to anyone that needs any type of cosmetic or dental work to be done. I am very happy with Michael and the professionalism of his staff.

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