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Tischler Dental Laboratory was one of the first laboratories in the world to provide Prettau® Zirconia Bridges. Dr. Michael Tischler and his team are passionate about the restorations they provide and the amazing results they hear about from their clients. Today, Tischler Dental Laboratory is the largest provider of Prettau® in the United States.

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Dr. Tischler: We've been involved with Zirkonzahn's Prettau for the last three years. When we first started doing Prettau, we were one of the only labs that were really doing it that were out there advertising it. We built a base of customers and customer service over the last three years that we feel is second to none and we are literally the largest user of Prettau in the U.S. Dr. Patch: The reason that we feel so strongly in the Prettau Zirconia product is that they have the proven reputation with years of experience. As a doctor, I definitely want to use something in my patient's mouth where I can tell them and I can turn to and have that feeling of security that this isn't a fly-by-night operation. This is something that has research and science behind it. Dr. Tischler: Our new facility allows us to really grow. It's almost 6,000 square feet. We're able to increase the number of milling machines, scanners, and every department just improved in every way with technology and ergonomics. Jack Garcia: The difference between us and other laboratories is that we do everything with passion. We attend the customers, we do customer service. The customer service that we provide for the doctors is not like everybody else in the country. Dr. Tischler: When a client uses our lab, they're using our team and as a surgeon, and Claudia as a prosthetic doctor, and Jack as the lab director, they get the services of all three of us combined. Dr. Patch: We do a lot of these restorations ourselves. Michael does the surgery and I do the prosthetics. Therefore, when you encounter little issues that might arise and you have questions about your patient, it's really helpful to have a doctor that you can turn to for support if you need it. Dr. Tischler: Tischler Dental Laboratory is an incubator process of the surgery and the prosthetics. We are a teaching institution. We hold an in-office live surgery course at least four times a year. We've published, I think, seven articles on Prettau specifically, and it's a place that customers can come and we can hold their hand and tell them what works, what doesn't work and we love doing that. That's part of our customer service.

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