Teeth Tomorrow® Dental Bridges

Implant-supported Dental Bridges in Just a Day


Teeth Tomorrow® is an amazing restorative dentistry option that allows patients to receive their dental bridges after just one day. Made from Prettau® Zirconia, Teeth Tomorrow® restorations are implant-supported dental bridges made from the highest-quality materials. Patients come in for an appointment and leave the next day with their new smiles.

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Dr. Patch: Patients come to me and they tell me that they're living their life like this. Dr. Tischler: They're fed up with endless root canals and dentures. Cindy: I felt different, I looked different. Jan: You don't talk as much, you don't smile as much. Dr. Patch: But people don't have to live that way. Dr. Tischler: We now offer Teeth Tomorrow, which is an implant-supported solution. It allows patients to come to us at Tischler Dental and the very next day leave with a permanent solution. Barbara: It was all done in one day and without pain. Dr. Tischler: It's made out of Zirconia, which is the most permanent material available in implant dentistry. Barbara: They're like real teeth. You can bite into an apple. You can tear in a steak. Dr. Patch: Teeth Tomorrow offers patients the opportunity to come in today with all of their headaches regarding their teeth, and leave tomorrow with a beautiful smile, and really a renewed outlook on life. Cindy: I smile more than I used to. I don't do this anymore. Jan: And all the problems I had yesterday are totally gone with Teeth Tomorrow.

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