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Dr. Claudia Patch and Dr. Michael Tischler discuss the Prettau® Zirconia Bridge. With Teeth Tomorrow®, Tischler Dental patients can come in one day and leave the next with their new, durable dental bridges. One patient describes how all of the dental problems she had yesterday are gone with Teeth Tomorrow®.

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Dr. Patch: Patients come to me and they tell me that they're living their life like this. Dr. Tischler: They're fed up with endless root canals and dentures. Cindy: I felt different, I looked different. Jan: You don't talk as much, you don't smile as much. Dr. Patch: But people don't have to live that way. Dr. Tischler: We now offer Teeth Tomorrow, which is an implant-supported solution. It allows patients to come to us at Tischler Dental and the very next day leave with a permanent solution. Barbara: It was all done in one day and without pain. Dr. Tischler: It's made out of Zirconia, which is the most permanent material available in implant dentistry. Barbara: They're like real teeth. You can bite into an apple. You can tear in a steak. Dr. Patch: Teeth Tomorrow offers patients the opportunity to come in today with all of their headaches regarding their teeth, and leave tomorrow with a beautiful smile, and really a renewed outlook on life. Cindy: I smile more than I used to. I don't do this anymore. Jan: And all the problems I had yesterday are totally gone with Teeth Tomorrow.

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