Giving Back Your Smile

The Benefits of the Prettau® Bridge


In a brief interview with Dr. Michael Tischler, a patient describes how the benefits of the Prettau® bridge have improved her life. She emphasizes that her experience under his care not only gave her a new smile, but also eased a long-time fear of the dentist. She says the entire team at Tischler Dental worked together to ensure an excellent outcome.

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Patient: It's a little bit hard to put into words how I feel right now. Tischler Dental not only gave me back my smile, but the years of pain and suffering and fear about dentists and . . . It's the whole package. I've been given a new lease. My smile is back, but my happiness is . . . Dr. Michael Tischler: [inaudible 00:00:26] very well. You're always happy. Patient: I am. Dr. Michael Tischler: When you smile, it's so beautiful. I'm telling you, it's just magical. Patient: It really is more, though, than new teeth. It becomes just . . . Dr. Michael Tischler: Self-esteem also. Patient: Self-esteem and pride and . . . Yeah, I am so grateful. This was the best place to come, and I just felt like I was from day one in the best hands, from the surgery to Claudia and all of the hardware and making sure it was a hundred percent perfect. It worked out. So thank you. Dr. Michael Tischler: It's a pleasure.

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