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The One Day Prettau Bridge Course at Tischler Dental

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Michael Tischler, DDS

Dr. Tischler  graduated  from Georgetown University School of Dentistry in 1989 and  is a general dentist in private practice in Woodstock, NY.  He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology Implant Dentistry, a Diplomate and Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and a Fellow and graduate of the Misch International Institute. Michael is on the faculty of the Rutgers University AAID Maxi Course. He is the Implant Editor for Dentistry Today and on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry. He has published over 40 articles in various dental journals and lectures internationally on the principles of implant dentistry and bone grafting.

Dr. Tischler is the director of the dental implant department for Tischler Dental Laboratory and is also on the BioHorizons educational speakers’ panel. He offers in-office courses at his teaching facility in Woodstock many times during the year and has a popular instructional DVD available that covers the principles of implant dentistry and bone grafting.

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The next Prettau Bridge Surgical and Prosthetic Course will be Saturday, May 13th 2017 8:00AM-5:00PM at Tischler Dental in Woodstock, NY  Course Outline below:

Background and Perspective on the Prettau® Bridge and Screw Retained Prosthetics

  • What is the Prettau® Bridge
  • All about zirconia
  • The Zirkonzahn protocol and sequence
  • Cantilever dynamics specific to zirconia

Treatment Planning the Prettau® Bridge

  • Initial appointment steps for the lab
  • Case Selection/Patient evaluation
  • Case Presentation/models/Fee’s
  • Appointment sequences
  • Provisionalization Options

Surgical Aspects of the Prettau® Bridge

  • Implant placement positions for zirconia bridges
  • Medical history/sedation
  • Utilizing Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF
  • Surgical appointment sequence
  • Guided and non guided sequnces
  • 2 stage placement steps for Prettau
  • Atruamatic extraction techniques
  • Alveloplasty techniques guided and non guided
  • Osteotomy techniques
  • Implant selection
  • Cantiliver implant placement techniques
  • Suturing techniques
  • Staging techniques
  • Provisionalization process
  • Uncovery techniques

Prosthetic/Laboratory Aspects of the Prettau® Bridge

  • The Zirkonzahn prosthetic protocol shown with examples
  • Wax up of prosthesis
  • Delivery of provisionals at the time of surgery
  • Indexing techniques
  • Advantages and disadvantages of multi unit abutments
  • Scan of prosthesis
  • PMMA delivery and adjustment
  • Final Prettau® delivery and techniques

Sign Up Online or Call (845) 679-2737(845) 679-2737 to Enroll Today

Testimonials from Colleagues


We would like to thank you all for the kind hospitality we received during the Prettau live surgery course. The course provided by Dr Tischler and Dr Patch provided an excellent surgical and prosthodontic guide suitable for all levels of dental team experience. The emphasis was obviously on the full arch Prettau bridge and the Tischler team have this advanced and challenging technique down to a fine art, all of which is provided in a world class facilitie. We hope to emulate the facilities for our patients in the UK and this course has been an invaluable guide in helping us achieve this. Keep in touch and hope to see you all again soon.

Kind regards

                                                                                                                                                                          Stuart Lutton BDS and Robert Leggett CDT, Edinburgh, Scotland

Excellent! Best Course I've attended. Very enthusiastic and honest presentation. The material and information was amazing. Makes implant dentistry more predictable and successful.

Andres Torres, DDS, MSD Prosthodontist, Reseda, California

Very nicely done! This course was a very comprehensive overview and the live surgery tied everything together

Lucas Perrigo, DMD Hoover Alabama

Dr's Tischler and Patch are exceptional educators. They teach exactly what they do in daily practice and instill confidence that experienced participants can start doing on Monday Morning.

Michael Gilli, DDS Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

The  Live Surgical Prettau course at Tischler Dental was one of the best courses I have been to in a long time. The live patient surgery, the excellent lecture, and the fantastic staff at Tischler Dental made me feel I can go home and start doing  Prettau Cases. An all around fantastic course with fantastic people.

Donna Corvino, DMD Wind Gap PA

"I have been attending advanced implant CE for nearly 30 years, and without a doubt, Dr Tischler and Dr Patch have created a 2 day live surgical program that not only teaches you how to, but empowers you to bring their energy and knowledge back to your own office Monday! It was an absolutely amazing 2 days"

Jay Freedman, DDS Abington, PA 1/17/15

I have taken over 300 hours of continuing education courses and Dr. Michael Tischler’s course has been, without a doubt, the most useful! Dr. Tischler and Dr. Patch have been able to take a complex technique and simplify the process into straightforward, manageable steps. They have been open to sharing their expertise, strategies, and techniques with me so that I can enhance my skills. Anytime I have sent an email to Dr. Tischler, he has been quick to respond and offers ongoing support. He genuinely wants me to be successful. Dr. Tischler is willing to disclose his ideas, plans, and methods to assist in my personal growth. Dr. Tischler also has an amazing staff which is a reflection on his passion and vision.  I am excited to implement what I have learned into my practice! I am confident my patients will be forever grateful!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Raymond Pate, DMD

                                                                                                                                                       Etowah, TN

Just wanted to reiterate....what a WONDERFUL course you gave this past weekend 9/19th and 20th 2014! Your office, staff, presenters...everything was just 1st CLASS. Having completed 2 cases, and now seeing your course in person....solidifies in my humble mind what a fantastic treatment this really is for our patients who need it. Having practiced now for almost 30 years, this is the greatest single advancement in restorative dentistry since I began practice.  Prettau®, literally crosses all the boundaries in the ability to CHANGE A PATIENT'S LIFE!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Robert White, DDS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Paris Tx                      

"Dr.Tischler is presenting what every dental practice is looking for: simpler, and more predictable implant reconstruction. This proven Prettau® Bridge technique is now shared with you in a comprehensive course. Don't miss this opportunity."

- Frederick M. Joubert, DDS
Kannapolis, NC

“THE BEST course I have ever attended. I feel that incorporating the Prettau® technology and methodology in my practice is a superior way to treat full-arch implant cases. Davis Dental in Bountiful, Utah is committed to providing patients the latest technology and the highest quality dentistry available, and will be one of the first dental practices in Utah to offer the Prettau® Implant Bridge on a regular basis."

- Jordan D. Davis, DDS
Bountiful, UT

“The course, information, facility and vision is complete. Your presentation went beyond the cookbook technique and materials, as you were able to present the nuances in a personable, articulate, and confident presentation. Your experience and enthusiasm was notable.”

- Dr Alfred Josephsen, DMD
West Caldwell, NJ

"If you are an implant dentist--whether you are placing, restoring, or both--then the Prettau® Tischler Lab course is a no-brainer. You owe it to your patients to let them know that Prettau® is an option and likely their best choice. The expertise of Drs. Tischler,  and Patch is undeniable, and their passion and enthusiasm is contagious. It's obvious that they are each in the top of their field, and they provide three totally different (yet equally important) angles of knowledge and approach to treating patients. Dr. Tischler has created a world-class facility with a team of the same caliber, and it's hard not to go home inspired and motivated. "Prettau® is our passion" is their motto, which is hard not to steal when you leave, because the passion will certainly be there... and if it's not, then it means you haven't dealt with enough hybrid, over-denture, or challenging implant cases to recognize that this is a better way. I'm looking forward to implementing this in my practice, and I'm trying to figure out a reason to go back to take the course again - as if the food menu each day isn't enough!"

- Andrew Currie, DMD, MS, FICOI
Atlanta, GA

“Dr. Tischler, and Patch  presents in a very organized manner, everything you need to offer the Prettau® bridge to your patients. First rate facility, staff and I recommend this course to anyone ready to up their game”

- Greg E. Tharp, DMD
Flowood, MS

"I’ve been in practice 37 years but continue to attend a lot of CE each year. Your course has been the best I have certainly this year and maybe in a few years. I look forward to working with your team and going forward."

- Myron L Gottfried, DDS
Ashville, NC

"Dr. Tischler's Prettau® zirconia bridge course is a practice changer. You will no longer utilize acrylic based implant prosthetics once you see what can be done with zirconia"

- Clifford Degel, DDS
Astoria, NY 

"The Prettau® Zirconia Bridge is a beautiful and definitive implant prosthesis not achieved by the traditional acrylic hybrid bridge. The Prettau® bridge is the new standard. Dr Tischler's knowledge and passion for implant dentistry always reenergizes me professionally. Great seminar!"

- Robert M. Scotto, DDS
Schenectady, N

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