Prettau® Clinical Information

Implant-supported Bridge

IMPORTANT: We need a minimum of 12mm prosthetic space per arch for the Prettau® Bridge!

This 12mm of prosthetic space is gained through adequate alveoloplasty. Our Prettau® DVD and Prettau® Course covers the surgical steps needed to ascertain this space. 

Click here for a PDF file of the basic steps for Prettau® success

 Click here for a PDF on how to convert an existing hybrid bridge to a Prettau® Bridge

Laboratory Steps

The process of creating the final Prettau® Implant bridge is a multi stage process that involves specific sintering protocols, with proprietary Zirkonzahn® stains used prior to sintering. These stains allow gorgeous esthetics and translucency of the zirconia that rivals porcelain. At times special Zirkinzahn porcelain is placed on the esthetic areas out of any occlusal areas. The final bridge is connected to the implants via titanium interfaces that are specially bonded to the Prettau® zirconia.

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Prettau® Bridge Surgery

The task of restoring any edentate area requires a complete understanding of each patient’s individual anatomy to identify vital structures, volume of bone, avoid complications, and maximize success. There are many choices and options for the surgeon, restorative clinician, patient, and dental laboratory team to review and accept prior to the scalpel being used.

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Prettau® Warranty and Our Prettau® Lab Slip

Tischler dental Laboratory LLC ("The Company”) warrants for 5 years from the date of delivery, that the Prettau® Bridge is made according to your specification and approval from The Company in the belief that the device will be useful and provide a patient functional and esthetic benefits...

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Prettau® Anterior

The same beautiful and functional zirconia that has previously been available in the Prettau® Bridge is now offered in single crowns, three-unit bridges, inlays, and onlays specifically designed for the anterior and posterior areas of the mouth. The best material on the market now has a wider range of applications!

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