Laboratory Steps

Zirconia Dental Bridge

After a Wax Try in, a PMMA Provisional Is Created

Look at these acrylic PMMA screw retained provisionals created at Tischler Dental Laboratory. This is a temporary prosthesis, and is part of the inclusive Prettau® laboratory fee, as well as part of the Zirkozahn® protocol towards the final Prettau® dental bridge.

The patient will wear this for 2-3 weeks to verify phonetics, esthetics, and occlusion. It is then scanned and duplicated once verified for the final Prettau® zirconia bridge or the Prettau® Anterior restorations.

Zirkonzahn®'s M5 milling machine at
Tischler Dental Laboratory's 10,000 square foot facility.

The initial milled Prettau® Zirconia 20% larger
than the final prosthesis before sintering.

Application of the Zirkonzahn® intrinsic Aqueous stains before sintering.

Post sintering appearance after 10 hours in the Zirkonzahn® oven.
It has now accurately shrunk 20%.

Application of the specific Zirkonzahn® porcelain
on the gingival areas prior to porcelain baking.

The final glazed, gorgeous and strong Prettau® Bridge
created at Tischler Dental Laboratory. There's nothing like it!

Underside of Prettau® Bridge shows
titanium interfaces and cleansable hygienic areas.

Clinical excellence at it's best.

See our Tischler Dental Laboratory video
of the Prettau® process done in our lab.

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