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Prettau dental implant bridgeAt Tischler Dental Laboratory, we are focused on. boosting the success of your practice by helping you offer the Prettau® Implant Bridge. The Prettau® Implant Bridge from Zirkonzahn® is the definitive proven product for full arch implant restoration.  Full arch restoration requires precision and premium materials, and allows little room for error.

Don't Risk Your Full Arch Implant Cases with zirconia that does  not have proven long term success.     Only  Prettau® Does.

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We are proud to call ourselves the Prettau® Bridge experts. By choosing to specialize solely in the creation of the Prettau® Bridge, we are able to place all our time, resources, and energy into streamlining the implementation of this single product in a way that best serves our clients. We are the only lab that creates ONLY full arch zirconia Prettau® restorations, and we are the leading Prettau® Bridge lab in the United States.

Our services are unrivaled because we combine world-class clinical and laboratory experience with educational opportunities and marketing guidance designed to help you grow your practice. Meanwhile, our customer service is impeccable. Our services feature one inclusive laboratory fee, providing an incredibly cost-effective process in each and every case.

The Zirkonzahn® System - A Proven Record of 100% Success

Zirkonzahn Prettau Zirconia

Zirkonzahn® is the only manufacturer of Prettau® zirconia, and has multiple branches around the globe. Zirkonzahn®’s Prettau® system is the only system with a proven five-year record of 100% success. This success rate has been carefully documented in a study published by the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants

Zirkonzahn's dedicated milling machine and scannerZirkonzahn®'s unique, time-proven system consists of:

  • Dedicated milling machines
  • Dedicated white laser scanners
  • Dedicated sintering ovens
  • Proven zirconia stains
  • Proven porcelains and stains

These sophisticated devices eliminate any room for error that might exist during the manufacturing process of other bridge systems. Zirkonzahn®’s large-format milling machine, for example, is built specifically for full arches, unlike smaller machines used in other labs. Additionally, using the wrong stain or glaze could inadvertently weaken the zirconia.

Choosing to use an unproven system can place your restorations at a high risk of less-than-ideal aesthetics, or damage. Partnering with Tischler Dental Lab is the surest way to provide exceptional restorations every time.

Quality Materials for Lasting Restorations

Our 14" Zirconia blanks are available in 5 different heights: 16mm, 22mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50mmBefore honing their manufacturing process, Zirkonzahn® chose the absolute best materials to create their products.

The Prettau® Bridge offers a number of benefits over other full arch restorations. Prettau® zirconia contains no acrylic and will never chip, and is renowned for its lifelike appearance. The system uses advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), a digital milling process that requires no joint soldering, and eliminates the risk of casting errors.

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View our client case presentations to learn more about how the Prettau® Bridge can benefit you and your valued patients. We can help you become a provider of the Prettau® Bridge, and poise your practice for greater success. Contact us today.

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